Charles R. Baker


President of the USA

You might ask what qualifications I have for being president of the United States. Well the best qualification I think is because I am NOT a politician. I am just a hard working person that works for minimum wage like most of Americans today.

Moreover, being a lower middle class American I understand how hard it is to make ends meet on a minimum wage job. I have raised four kids and have many grandkids now. And I know how hard it is for my children to make ends meet.

As president, I would work to make life easier for the lower income families. Work to create jobs so more people can go to work to strengthen our economy. Make it easier to start new businesses and make it easier to get a higher education.

To help lower income families I would lower income taxes by 5% for people making $50,000 or less a year. To make it easier to start new businesses I would reduce the governments regulations for starting a new business. I would give a tax break to companies that help employees continue their education, or who offer on the job training.

Also as president, I would work to make health care more affordable. Instead of paying a HMO or other health insurance company premiums for your health insurance those premiums would go into a personal bank account to gain interest and so the money paid in by each individual can be kept track of. Then the money  can be pooled together with people around the country to gain more interest and help offset the  cost of health care..

I would focus on keeping America safe from terrorists and other foreign countries that would want to do us harm. I would pull back troops and streamline the FBI and CIA so that we can detect threats to
our country and deal with them swiftly. Any country that would assist terrorists in an attack against the United States of America or any country that would give safe harbor to terrorists attacking the United States of America would be considered enemies of this country and as such  we would consider any attacks an act of war by these countries.

Any country committing an act of war against the USA would be met with the full resources of the USA. Their only option would be surrender or we would leave no centimeter of their country untouched in our defensive response.

As President, In response to the rising gas prices I would direct research into refining the process to manufacture bio fuels such as Alcohol and Bio Diesel. For years the cost of bio fuels has been too expensive to be viable but I believe with more research and planning we could lower the cost of the process to make hybrid automobiles that can run on bio fuel and self generated electric power.   

Please sign my petition at it is to get my name put on the 2008 presidential ballot.


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