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This program removes "spyware" from your system.
Avant Browser
Click here to download a small, Fast browser that kills popups.
Free AVG Antivirus
You can get a free virus scanner here.

If you have every wanted to start your own business this is the time. Be your own boss. Set your own hours and and make as much income as your talent will allow.
This is a link to a place to get all kids of web site tools.
At this site you can download the bittorrent P2P client
At this site you can find out everything that is installed on your computer.

You can get legal and identity theft help at this site.
Click here to find and E-Mail your government representatives. Click here to E-Mail the President.
This is a link to The presidents email..
At this site you can get help with your computer problems or help other people with theirs
Chuck Baker's Google Plus Page
This is my Google Plus site

At this site you can find out everything you always wanted to know about a DNS.
At this site you can post breaking news stories.
At this site you can find out information about any domain name.

This site is for the program "FeedReader" which is a stand alone program to read RSS feeds on your desktop.
At this site you can setup free telephone conference calls for your organization. The have a number of options available.
From the link about you can check out my facebook page and become a member of facebook at the same time
On this site you can have do all kinds of different things for you for just $5.00


At this site you can find out how to make some extra money or start a new career.
At this site you can get help for all your legal needs without having to pay hundreds of dollars an hour to do it.


Hydrocephalus Discussion Group
This mailing list is for people with hydrocephalus and their families to come to get together and have a general discussion about hydrocephalus or any other topic.
Hydrocephalus community
This is a group for those who live and deal with hydrocephalus. If you, a family member, or someone you know has hydrocephalus, this is a place to share experiances, give advice, offer support, and more. Please feel free to join. Thank you!!


A web blog site from Kevin Rose from "The Screen Savers"

This is he website of Leo Laporte
At this site you can control any computer you have over the internet remotely. And it's free.
At this site you can find out information about the service and becoming a member. And even starting your own business
This is my PPL Made Easy website.


From this site you can get a free open sourse browser that is fast and helps kill popup ads.
From the link above you can take a look at "MY" myspace page.


National Centre for
missing and exploited



This is a chat program that supports
both audio and video.
PgP encryption
This is a link to get a email encryption program.

This is my business website.


Shields Up
At this site you can test to see if your computer is vulnerableto attacks on the Internet.
This is a new internet phone service that lets you talk to people around the world using the internet and it is FREE!! The best I have seen so far.
Spamcop is a site where you can go to report spam or if you use mailwasher you can us it and spamcop together to report spam.
You can get all kinds of open source programs from this site and even help build some if you like.
Check out my mom's Web Page.
This is a internet tech TV show site by Kevin Rose. Very high quality image.


This week in tech
This web site is created by the cast from the old "TheScreenSavers" TV show on TechTV. They also have a weekly podcast.
From the link above you can check out my Twitter page and become one of my followers.
From the link above you can download TweetDeck and follow your Twitter, MySpace, & Facbook accounts all from one application.


Virus Scan
You can do an online virus scan from this site.

You can track how your money travels from this site.


Your can get a free Firewall for your computer here.

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