Here is my new soap box topic. As you all know by now our country was attacked. I myself am very angry about this. I do not have any friends or relatives that live in New York but as an American it angers me that some one or some country would have the nerve to even think of something like this.

We as a country turned the other cheek when the USS Cole was bombed and we turned the other cheek when our embassy was bombed but this time we have been hit right between our eyes.

It is now time that we take action against the people. It is believed that Osama Ben Laden is responsible for these acts of war. I he is he still needed that backing of a country to do what has happened. If and when it is confirmed that he is responsible we should demand that whatever country he is in turn him over to us. If that country would refuse we could use force to obtain him.

When we determine the country that supported him we should give them the chance to surrender to us. If they refuse we should wipe them off the face of the earth.

Now people are concerned about if we wage all out war on another country that innocent people will be killed. and although we try to be a peaceful people there comes a time when we just have to stand up for ourselves. after all the country that attacked us must know that we will respond to this and they should know that we will respond with force but if they donít care how many of there own people get killed why should we. We did not provoke this act of war in any way. We were the ones that have been attacked three times now.